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Darcy Andries works as a freelance writer, editor, web designer and graphic artist. If you are interested in having Darcy write or design for your website or publication, you can reach her by emailing her: .

Writing and Editing:

One of Darcy's first jobs was to edit Maggie Moore's book Walking With Friends. She also created the website for the book, which can be found at walkingwithfriends.com Most of her online writings have been sold by a company called Constant-Content under the pen name Darcy Logan. Darcy uses a different pen name for her articles in order to separate her instructional writing from her more creative writing. Because she has sold many of her articles without retaining the copyright, they cannot be linked here.

However, here are a few sites that are displaying her articles.

How To Do Things:
To submit to How To Do Things, you must first be considered an expert in that area. Darcy is considered an expert on pets and special education.
How To Discipline Students in Special Education
How To Follow Special Education Laws
How To Meet the Goals of Special Education
How to Find Attack Dog Training
How To Buy Dog Training Collars
How To Teach Your Dog Tricks
How to Raise a Duck as a Pet
How To Identify and Treat Feline Kidney Disease

Do It Yourself.com:
Darcy currently has over fifty articles on Do It Yourself.com. Here are a few of Darcy's favorite ones:
How to Make a Small Bathroom Seem Bigger
Quick, Easy, and Inexpensive Christmas Decorations
The Perfect House Plants for Neglectful or Forgetful Gardeners
How to Attract Insect-Eating Birds
Innovative Storage Ideas for Small Bathrooms
Inexpensive Ways to Update a Tired Kitchen
Growing Carnivorous Plants
How to Grow Up: The Art of Climbing Plants
Beginner's Guide to Xeriscapes
18 Houseplants Perfect for Bad Gardeners

Web Design and Graphics:

All graphics on this site were created by Darcy Andries specifically for this site. Although the graphics appear to be watercolors, they are actually effects created through a series of Adobe Photoshop effects. An example is illustrated below:

lighthouse picture lighthouse graphic

Web design is more of a hobby for Darcy, but she has designed several sites for friends. A few of them are:

Citadel Photographic
Walking With Friends
Work from Home Guide

She also runs another site specifically for writers called The Written Journey. If you are intersted in using any of the graphics seen on this page, are intersted in having Darcy create graphics for your site or design your web site, please . To See more of her web artistry, click on the button below.
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