Rain Before Rainbows quotation

Favorite Sites

Sellers Publishing
The best publishers in the world (as well as the publishers of The Secret of Success is Not a Secret.

Best Motivational Sites

Chicken Soup for the Soul
The ultimate motivational book filled with positive stories on a variety of subjects.
Successful People with Learning Disabilities and/or AD/HD by Schwab Learning
Schwab's list of successful and famous people grew up with learning disabilities and/or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Favorite Discussion Boards and Forums

Writers Net
Writer's Net is a small collective of writers who share ideas, issues, and guidance with each other.
Absolute Write Water Cooler
Absolute Writer is similar to Writer's Net, but much larger. Most people at Writer's Net are members here as well.
Powerful Intentions
This forum is frequented by many people who focus more on the positive than the negative side of life

Great Biography Sites

The TIME 100: The People Who Shape Our World
Time Magazine's list of 100 men and women whose power, talent, or moral example have transformed our world.
The Biography Channel
Not only does The Biography Channel make good tv shows, they also have a searchable database that is invaluable.
They Made America by PBS
They Made America examines America's evolution over two centuries, from the infancy of the country, to its growth as an industrial power, through its global reach today.
National Women's Hall of Fame
The Hall is a shrine to some of the greatest women in the history of this country and a tribute that grows annually with each induction ceremony as we learn to appreciate more about the wonderful contributions that women make to our civilization.
Women of the Century by The Discovery Channel
Experience the struggles and achievements of American women in the 20th century through the heroes, events, and voices of each decade.
High-Tech Overachievers
Revolutionaries Interview Series at The Tech in collaboration with The San Jose Mercury News.