Rain Before Rainbows quotation

Message from Darcy Andries:
I have separated this page into four sections: humor, stupidity, quotations, and other.

Humor: I have always lived by the idea that you can either cry, scream, or laugh; however you can only do one at a time. This can lead to a little bit of an inappropriate sense of humor. Paul Rodriquez once said that a joke is only offensive if it isn’t funny. That said, most of what you will find on this page lean toward the tame side.

Comic Strips: This page is dedicated to my three favorite comic strips. You will have to click on the link to find out which ones thy are.

Stupidity: Along with some humorous selections, I have also included a page on stupidity. I believe that stupidity is a temporary state of mind, not a permanent one. Sometimes it is helpful to remember that so we don’t feel so bad when it happens to us. We all say stupid things, do stupid things, and act stupidly. This does not mean that we are stupid.

Quotations: You will also find several pages of quotations. I collect quotations as if they were valuable commodities. Therefore, I find it hard to select only a few to display here. Do not be surprised to discover that this page grows over time.

Other: This page is devoted to other items that I have found inspirational that don't quite fit into any other category. It includes links, pictures, and more.

I hope you find them enjoyable.Darcy Andries