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Not a Logical Mind

He was three years old before he started speaking, and it took him several more years before he was fluent. He did not read until he was seven, and his poor performance in elementary school caused many people to suspect he was mentally retarded. When called upon, the boy would take forever before answering, often silently mouthing the words to himself before slowly uttering the words aloud. Most believe that it would be highly unlikely that Albert Einstein would ever succeed at anything.

E equals M C squared

When he tried to get into the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, he failed the entrance exam and was required to take it again. His doctoral dissertation was rejected by the university as “irrelevant and fanciful.” After graduation, Einstein landed a position as a clerk in a patent office. He liked the job because it allowed him to enough free time to research some of his scientific theories. Again, it seemed he might not achieve much more than this position since he was known for being incredibly absent-minded. For example, he would often forget to put on his socks and even misplaced a $1500 check after he used it as a bookmark.

It was not until after the first of Einstein’s theories was published, the Special Theory of Relativity, that he was truly recognized by the scientific community. However, many in the scientific community attacked his theories stating that they were “worthless and misleading” and that Einstein “has not a logical mind.” Still, he managed to become Professor Extraordinary at Zurich, and later a Professor of Theoretical Physics at Prague. But the highlight of his scientific career would be in 1921, when Einstein won the Nobel Prize in Physics.

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