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Darcy Andries Darcy Andries grew up in rural Minnesota and always wanted to be a writer. Needless to say, her parents were less than thrilled when she decided to major in English and philosophy in college. They urged her to be practical, and she eventually decided to drop the philosophy major and minor in education and speech instead.

After graduating from Middle Tennessee State University, she landed a job teaching English at a Tennessee high school. However, she felt teaching literature was not very meaningful, especially since she found most of the required material to be irrelevant and hard to read. Thankfully, fate—and budget cuts—intervened and she found herself without a job.

Darcy Andries

Darcy decided to go back to college and get her master's degree in special education. While in college, Darcy had been diagnosed with Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder and wanted to help students struggling with the disorder.

After teaching special education for five years, Darcy decided there was something missing in her life and began writing again—something she had not done since high school. She realized that although she loved teaching, writing was what she was supposed to be doing.

Darcy and Dolly

The Secret to Success is Not a Secret is Darcy’s first book, but it is far from her last. She has plans for at least one sequel and is working on several other ideas. When she is not writing, she enjoys designing web pages and custom graphics, riding horses, and spending time with her two dogs, Hopes and Dreams. Darcy has always had a great love of animals, and through the years has owned everything from ducks to llamas.

Darcy at the Tennessee Renaissance Festival

Although she has attempted many professions in her lifetime—dog trainer, teacher, and ADHD coach to name a few—she does not consider herself a failure. “Recognizing that you are going in the wrong direction only makes you a failure if you don’t change course,” she says. “Every step I took has lead me to be where I am. Although I have not always enjoyed the journey, I love where I am and I would not want to change that.”